About Us

Trimec Trading Corporation was founded in 1976 as a marketing firm to enhance and build the popcorn and snack market through effective wholesale and retail.

Through a concerted market research, Trimec Trading Corp. introduced the first full-scale popcorn retailing in the Philippines. It concentrated in theatre concession counters and later extended its venues to include entertainment centers. The success has prompted the company to develop and manufacture to the open market. Always in the forefront of sales activities was popcorn. From its raw popcorn grains, it developed innovative multi-flavor variations which is called our savory line.

With the encouraging success of the savory flavor popcorn, the company in 1989 conceptualized the first freestanding popcorn retail outlet through food retail carts. It tested the substantiability of popcorn as a solo retail product with much success. What eventually supported the concept was branding, flavor and packaging variations. Not to mention, stress was given to creative design and high product merchandising. Thus, Popperoo Popcorn was born and established itself in the retail food market. It soon flourished with a nationwide franchise scheme.

The company can boast as well of being the market leader for microwave popcorn. In fact, with the success of popcorn cart retailing and the microwave popcorn, Trimec Trading Corporation was awarded the 1990 Philippines Marketing Company of the Year by AGORA and the 2003 Philippine Family Consumer Award using the brand name Popperoo .

Trimec Trading Corp. has not stopped its effort into improving and creating of new popcorn lines. To keep abreast with the market trends and consumer taste preferences, it formulated a new concept for its retail operations to include candy caramel popcorn launched in late 2000. Candy popcorn is now available at leading supermarkets.

And recently, we introduced out latest popcorn product line called Crunchy Munchy, a secret recipe made of finer but subtle caramel taste available in popcorn carts, leading supermarkets and convenient stores.

In the Philippines, popcorn was first introduced in 1961 by the late Virgilio Masigan through his company C & M Enterprises. He swept the Manila moviehouses with what would later be a major snack food. Today, a generation later and with his children spinning off with King Corn and Dimsum & Dumplings, C & M Enterprises has evolved to be Trimec Trading Corporation, a company firmly established in the popcorn industry.

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